Ryan Beveridge is a Los Angeles based composer and producer for film, television, theater and beyond.

His entrée into the film/TV industry came through a collaboration with Stewart Copeland (The Police) on the Warner Brothers series Brutally Normal. The two subsequently joined forces to create the soundtracks for Sony Playstation’s Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Bravo Network’s Breaking News

Recent scores include the upcoming holiday film Santa Fake, featuring a blend of Christmas-infused orchestral score, traditional Irish music, and hints of the fiery green chile of Santa Fe. Other highlights include Bees Make Honey starring Alice Eve (written and directed by Jack Eve), Waiting for the Miracle to Come, starring Willie Nelson and Charlotte Rampling (Exec. produced by Bono / Wim Wenders), NBC/Universal's Mr. Robinson, the James Caan series Back in the Game for ABC, and Meeting Evil, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Ryan studied music at Northwestern University and has received fellowships from the Sundance Institute and BMI. He has been fortunate to have music featured at seven Sundance Festivals including the acclaimed premieres of Barking WaterMosquita y Mari, and This May Be the Last Time, as well as the midnight features Taboo and Nightstalker.

Scoring to picture has afforded Beveridge the opportunity to explore a myriad of musical styles. From the orchestral and contemporary gritty groove-based mix of Dirty, the magical simplicity of Waiting for the Miracle to Come, and the film noir underscores of Zyzzyx Road and Conversation with a Cigarette – to the folk inspired soundtrack of Race You To The Bottom, the 70’s funk sounds of Heist and Mr. Robinson, and the sometimes delightfully trashy but always high octane throwback vibe of Back in the Game – Ryan’s music is a tapestry of organic sounds and melodies designed to capture the heart and captivate the mind.